What’s going on with AMR and the City of Spokane?

AMR’s history as Spokane’s emergency medical services partner goes back more than 50 years. For the past 20 years, we have been providing high-quality advanced life support services to Spokane residents in partnership with the Spokane Fire Department.

Our contract to provide that service will expire later this year. In July, Spokane solicited sealed bids to enter into a new exclusive contract with one private ambulance company to provide advanced life support transportation for 911 emergency calls.

Other companies participated in the process but decided not to submit a bid. AMR was the only company that submitted a bid and after an extensive review process, we were chosen to continue as the Spokane Fire Department’s advanced life support transportation partner.

What’s the Problem?

Although AMR’s proposal went through an exhaustive review process and is supported by the Spokane Fire Department, Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart is opposing AMR’s selection because we were the only company that met the city’s qualifications and submitted a bid.

Is Council President Stuckart’s request to have more than one bid to review consistent with past practices?

Just two months ago the Spokane City Council voted unanimously to award a consulting contract despite only having one bid submitted. This consulting contract cost the city $85,000. AMR’s contract would cost the city nothing. The city does not pay AMR for the privilege of providing advanced life support services. It looks as if there is a double standard, one for contracts not opposed by fire union special interests and another for those that are.

If AMR meets the city’s qualifications, why is that a problem?

Good question. We believe that when seconds count and lives are on the line, the citizens of Spokane want the assurance that the city’s advanced life support partner has the experience, know-how and the track record to get the job done.

Why doesn’t Council President Stuckart believe that?

The Spokane Fire Department believes it and supports AMR’s proposal to continue providing advanced life support service to the citizens of Spokane.

Why does Council President Stuckart want companies that do not meet the city’s qualifications to submit proposals?

Minimum qualification requirements are designed to protect cities with complex EMS systems from companies that do not possess the experience, expertise or proven ability to provide these critically important services. Allowing unproven or non-qualified ambulance companies to bid for these lifesaving services would be risky at best. That is why minimum experience requirements like Spokane’s are standard for cities our size.

Why does Spokane need an experienced company to provide advanced life support services?

Spokane’s EMS system covers a large geographic area, over 68 square miles, and provides essential, often lifesaving, services to more than 210,000 people. This is not an entry level contract where you learn as you go. AMR not only meet’s the city’s qualifications, it has a long track record of success in Spokane helping to save lives and providing high-quality advanced life support care.

How well does our current EMS system perform?

Spokane has one of the best EMS systems in the country and the 165 AMR caregivers who work closely with the Spokane Fire Department are proud to play an important role in providing care to city residents. We have the experience, the financial stability and a 50 year track record of success. No other company can match that record.

I care about our city’s EMS system. What can I do?

Call Council President Stuckart’s office at 509.625.6269 and tell him that you want AMR, the one company with the experience, know-how and 50-year track record of success to provide your EMS care.

American Medical Response

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